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  • What’s Next? Prepare now for life “after competition”
  • Be a champion on and off the playing field
  • You run the interview: Media Training & Interview Techniques
  • You need more than thumbs to communicate in life!
  • 1 Tweet can negate your hard work! Develop & protect your brand

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Win4Life Training & Workshops:

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As a former top tennis pro, ranked # 17 in the world, Leslie Allen has broken through barriers and overcome adversity when the odds were stacked against her. She knows what it is like to be on the spot and the importance of impeccable life skills to succeed on and off the playing field.

Today our world is filled with athletes too focused on their performance, endless digital distractions and communication driven by thumbs; all which create a void in developing well rounded individuals. Win4Life Training fills that void.

Through experience, inspiration and interaction Win4Life teaches athletes, students and professionals alike how to develop and improve the skills needed to excel in a world where every impression counts. W4L Training instills the use of the 4D’s of Desire, Dedication, Discipline, and Determination and gives clients specific tools to be prepared for any task they may face. Our clients learn to be bold, be brave, and be empowered. They Master the Game and Win4Life.

  • W4L @ US Open