“When Leslie Allen spoke at our annual ” Our Turn to Play” Scholarship Luncheon, we were blown away with her very engaging and relevant speech. She truly helped us to become better leaders and showed us how to Win4Life.”

UNCA Director of Athletics/Sr. Administrator UE

“Win4Life taught me the importance of being ready. If you are always ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

W4L Alum

Leslie Allen was important to the game of tennis way before her milestone Detroit 1981 win. Acutely aware of the lack of diversity in the entire sport even as a child, she set about changing that dynamic at each tournament where she played. Seeing that deficiency as an opportunity, she conducted local tennis clinics at every stop she could on the tour, building a new fan-base and expanding the game into markets corporate execs had not even thought about. Her Win4LIfe program continues to do just that, preparing youth for success in life on and off the court. Athletes who have experienced Win4Life training are uniquely empowered to control all aspects of their lives.

”Preparation, professionalism and gratitude are just a few of the skills, and behaviors that Win4Life reinforces. It is inspiring to see the increase in the confidence and self-esteem of young people as they follow the Win4Life Program!”

General Manager USTA Player Development

“Leslie’s personality creates an environment that is safe and stretches the young person to ‘take a chance, take a leap…..and laugh while doing so’.Win4Life’s real-life application of relevant skill building keeps the youth’s attention and desire to self-motivate and achieve.”

Vice President | Member Relations WTA Women's Tennis Association

“Win4Life got me out of my comfort zone. I was very shy and comfy in the bubble I lived in. Through Win4Life training I got used to meeting new people and branching out. In my profession, I now have to do that everyday. “

W4L Alum

“Leslie Allen is one of the most sought after speakers in our industry. Our coaches and professional athletes were energized and enriched by her Win4Life “Communication’s Gender Factor” presentation. “

CEO Women’s Tennis Coaches Association

Win4Life showed me how you are responsible for the choices that you make in your life, not anybody else, and to surround yourself with good people and fight mediocrity tooth and nail.”

W4L Alum

“Leslie Allen is a dynamic and creative presenter and instructor, she generously shares her experience and knowledge with every word holding great value. I’ve personally witnessed young athletes who have gone through Win4Life Training grow not only as athletes but as leaders developing skills they can take with them the rest of their lives.”

Senior Vice President I Sport Sciences & Medicine and Transitions WTA Women's Tennis Association

“The need for Win4Life training is important and provides a lasting impact on my athletes. I highly recommend the Win4Life program.”

President of the South Atlanta Community Tennis Association

“Win4Life taught me to be incredibly aware of how we treat women, as they may perceive things differently than us [males]. “


“It is great to see an accomplished athlete helping younger athletes understand the true value of sport.”

Director, Athletes Helping Athletes, Inc.

“I learned that giving your best is equal to a win.”


“Leslie works tirelessly to prepare our future leaders for life’s challenges and opportunities, and her knack for cultivating their personal growth is unmatched.”

ATP Player Relations Director of Player Development

“Thanks to Win4Life, “Champions Adjust” is pretty much my life motto. You must be able to adjust to the curve balls that life throws at you. Everything is not always planned, and even if it is planned it may not work out like you think. I adjust.”

Win4life Alum

”Win4Life made me understand why you must always protect, respect and represent your brand.”


“Leslie Allen is so knowledgeable and personable that athletes can’t help but be drawn into what she is bringing to the table. Through Win4Life training and “role play” participants are able to learn and practice their deliverables.”

National Tennis Events Manager

“Win4Life showed me that handwritten thank you notes are a way to set you apart from everyone else. I still send them. They are tangible and something that will always remind the recipient of me and how grateful I am for whatever it is they did for me.”

W4L Alum

“Win4Life delivers a superior curriculum that is practical, relevant and meaningful. “

Tennis Director MTEG