Popular Win4Life Training Sessions:

  • What’s Next? Prepare now for life “after competition”
  • Be a champion on and off the playing field
  • You run the interview: Media Training & Interview Techniques
  • You need more than thumbs to communicate in life!
  • 1 Tweet can negate your hard work! Develop & protect your brand

Win4Life Training topics tailored to meet client needs.

Exclusive Offer for 2019 USTA Combine Participants
Enrollment is Limited!

Private WIN4LIFE Training Session with LESLIE ALLEN

Just like doubles, Sign up with a partner.

Fun – Empowering – Interactive – Effective

On-site Tues-Thur and scheduled around match play.

WIN4LIFE Private Training Details:

WHO: Coach Leslie Allen will train two athletes per session: WIN4LIFE Private Training Details:

  • Evaluate each athlete’s delivery and content
  • Teach athletes how to showcase THEIR strong points
  • Customize drills and personal exercises for athlete improvement

WHAT: Athletes learn how to tell THEIR story so it resonates with coaches.

  • Two athletes required per session
  • Just like doubles, Sign up with a partner.
  • Training for USTA 2019 Combine Athletes only

WHEN: Each Private W4L session is approximately 55 minutes.

  • Limited number of sessions per day
  • 6/18 Tuesday To Be Determined
  • 6/19 Wednesday between 2pm-6pm
  • 6/20 Thursday between 8am-12pm


WHERE: Private W4L sessions will be held on-site at USTA Lake Nona.

NOTE: Additional sessions may be added if there are extended rain delays.

INVESTMENT: $250/session – total cost for one training session with two athletes.

After you purchase a private Win4Life training session you may reserve your time slot. Leslie will be on site starting Monday 6/15 and will email the available time slots.

IF SOLD OUT: Please contact Leslie ASAP to see if additional training sessions can be added or email her at win4lifeenterprises@gmail.com